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Riding the Hell-bound Train

now available!


The fourth installment of Tom’s urban fantasy tome:

Ed Morgan’s Ride


What people are saying about Riding the Hell-Bound Train ...

“Individualist.  Communitarian.  Polyamorist.  Technophile.  Libertarian.  Storyteller. Obstinate.  Sci-fi geek.  Lunatic.  Tom will make you laugh; he will make you so hopping mad you would gladly pull the trigger, but most of all he will make you think.  He will challenge your assumptions and reveal a way of thinking you have probably never encountered before through the eyes of a poor farm boy from rural Illinois who came into consciousness as a hippie during the 60s and went on to become a scientist, a writer, and a futurist.  Through his own ornery, obstinate, and fanatically pure ideological lens he offers a vision of the world, the human condition, and the future in this collection of writings on everything from the role of government to his experiences as a polyamorist and the future of humankind.”


                                                        -- Hanno, Urbanagora correspondent

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Whether it’s lessons from an engineer in love, inexorable biker chicks from hell, or struggling farm wives four billion years in the future, you’ll find it all in Riding the Hell-bound Train.  These are stories that will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you wonder about your place in the universe.

This collection also introduces Iona – a fantasy universe where regular people live, work, and learn alongside undercover fairies, lost angels, and the troublesome loose gremlin.   

Riding the Hell-Bound Train is a compilation of improbable fact, thought-provoking fiction, and enduring life lessons. Treat yourself to bittersweet, bite-sized pieces of epiphany, one story at a time.  


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